The Cyclery

Because we are locals and love riding we take care in selecting the right bikes for the region. However we also love to ride away from home so we have a huge selection of bikes for all terrain and all cycling requirements.

Each bike, has been selected for our local market and is then professionally built by our team of mechanics. Each mechanic signs off that he has completed all checks and the bike is running well. And to ensure a premium quality service the bike is then checked again by another one of our professional team and also signed off. No buy it in the box and figure it out how it goes together problem here!

We have a dedicated kids area with a sizing platform and guide to help put your child on the best bike. We also have a great selection of kids accessories to help you funk up that next kids bike. Check out our massive range of kids bikes from the whipper snapper 12″ alloy – you know that first bike you had, through to some outstanding 24 ” bikes to help educate your child on gears and make riding with the family a simple pleasure of life.

We love bikes and seeing our customers out there riding. We know competing isn’t for everyone, but enjoyment is, so come on in and check out South Canterbury’s biggest selection of bikes for you and your family. We are here to help and make you feel relaxed about your next bike purchase or just to give you some helpful friendly bike riding tips and where to ride.

And its not just bikes, we have all the accessories to go with it – pumps, tubes, bike bags, puncture repair kits, cycle tops (and not just tight fitting lycra budgey smugglers either, full sizes guys), helmets and shoes, and the range is HUGE.

Sports supplements and performance drinks and bars are also a huge part of our store. We know you want to ride the best you can and we want to help you out so we stock the best in sports nutrition and performance supplements.

The Cyclery – for the ride of your LIFE!

The Cyclery

106 Stafford Street

Timaru, 5712

South Canterbury

03 688 8892

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